Tridus History

Tridus was incorporated in 1982 (Los Angeles, CA) and quickly established a joint venture with San Huan High-Tech., Inc to manufacture sintered NdFeB magnets in Ningbo China. In 1994, we acquired the exclusive North American distribution of Chinese manufactured NdFeB magnets in North America, our joint venture was the only Chinese licensee for 7 years. This position allowed Tridus to develop deeply embedded relationships with the Chinese magnet manufacturing community.

By 1988, our R&D Technology Center in Beijing was established and in 1996, we had achieved the first ISO 9001:2000 & TS 16949 certification in the China permanent magnet industry. Today, the Group holdings are publically traded.

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Corporate Values

Tridus is committed to the highest ethical standards of business conduct and compliance with laws, regulations, and intellectual property protection. These standards are incorporated in our daily supply chain activities.

Corporate values


Our manufacturing processes are deeply embedded with Quality Manufacturing Systems. We employ the best in the industry to implement zero defect six sigma, lean initiatives and organize our plant using 5S systems. Our Defect Prevention teams scrutinize problems using the 5Y methodology to implement gatekeepers, tashiro's and poke yoke fixtures.

We understand the importance of Quality in a manufacturing environment and are resourcefully seeking continuous improvement and investment in our people and equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our QMS processes revolve around operation manuals, gauge repeatability and reproducibility, on the floor statistical process control and in-process inspection and data collection.